Carpeted Clean Room Sticky Mats

Carpeted clean room mats are sticky mats that trap impurities such as dirt, dust and debris in areas that require environments free of foreign substances. These clean room sticky mats feature a polypropylene fabric entrance mat to remove large amounts of dirt and debris and a tacky surface which pulls dust and smaller particles off shoe soles before they can contaminate a "clean room."

Each pad contains 60 layers. These sticky pads are sold separately from the mat.

• Once the top layer is dirty, simply pull off and discard.

• Clean room sticky mats offer economical dirt control for low-profile carpet, tile or concrete surfaces.

• Clean room mats are ideal for hospital and laboratory use.

• Tacky polyethylene surface; 1/8" thick.

Item No: CCRM

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Carpeted Clean Room Sticky Mats

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