Waterhog Boot Tray Mats

Waterhog Boot Trays are the most functional carpeted-surface boot tray mats available today. Thanks to the boot mat's high-low surface design, these trays not only scrape shoes clean, removing dirt, salts, sand and debris but also absorb rain water and snow that would otherwide drip on the floor.

• All Waterhog boot tray mats come with a rubber water dam border around the outside of the mat that prevents dirt and moisture from flowing off of the mat and onto the surrounding floor.

• Additionally, the boot mat's polypropylene surface can hold up to 1.5 gallons/SY of moisture, ensuring that it won't overflow and leak onto the floor.

• The surface of each Waterhog Boot Tray Mat is made with an anti-static polypropylene fabric which quickly dries out and will neither fade nor rot, thus making these Waterhog boot trays ideal for both cleaning and drying shoes indoor and out.

• To clean the Waterhog mat boot trays simply shake them out, use a vacuum for a deeper cleaning and, if needed, hose them off and air dry.

• Every Waterhog boot mat has 20% recycled content.

NOTE: Only the Waffle (Square) pattern is available in the larger 15" x 48" size. All patterns are available in the smaller 15" x 36" size.


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Waterhog Boot Tray Mats
  • Waterhog Boot Tray Mats
  • Waterhog Boot Tray Mats
  • Waterhog Boot Tray Mats

Standard Configuration

Standard Sizes (Approximate)
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1 $24.95
2-10 $22.58
11-25 $20.32
26+ $19.52
1 $29.20
2-10 $28.03
11-25 $26.28
26+ $24.82
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