Waterhog Mat Accessories

Waterhog Mat Accessories include complementary products to our Waterhog line that help keep these mats in place and keep walkways safe. These associated waterhog products help round out the product line.

Waterhog Boot Tray Mats

• Heavy-duty, carpet surface Waterhog boot tray
• High-low pattern captures dirt and removes moisture
• Polypropylene surface dries quickly and does mildew
• Boot mat's water dam border contains moistures and holds 1.5 gallons/SY
• Sturdy rubber backing and reinforced surface nubs
• Perfect for any type of footwear; for use in indoor & outside
• 20% recycled content

Waterhog Mat Grip Tape

Waterhog Mat Grip Tape helps prevent waterhog entry mats from slipping & sliding, especially on carpeted floors. Our waterhog grip tape adheres to both the mat above and floor below and can easily be removed without leaving a residue.

Clean Stride Sticky Mats

• Stop contaminants from entering sterile locations
• Carpeted front half and a tacky mat on the back half
• Trap foreign particles, contaminants, dirt and debris
• Defend sanitary environments and equipment
• 15% recycled content
• Pattern - Varies
• Price - from $53.42

Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats

Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats contain hundreds of rubber prongs that aggressive scrape the bottom and sides of shoes and boots to remove large amounts of dirt, snow, salt and gravel. This Waterhog mat's 100% rubber composition increases durability and makes cleaning easy.
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