Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats

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Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats
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Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats

Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats  

Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats are a great first line of defense to remove large amounts of dirt, snow, salt and gravel before walking inside. This Waterhog mat's 100% rubber composition increases durability and makes cleaning easy.

• Hundreds of flexible rubber prongs scrape off large amounts debris off the bottom and sides of shoes and boots.

• Waterhog Mud Scraper Mats work symbiotically with a traditional Waterhog entrance mats are a must-have in especially challenging areas as well as a stand-alone floor mats in small spaces.

• Each Waterhog Mud Scraper mat can be bolted in place or staked down for more permanent use. This waterhog mat also functions as a mobile outdoor mat for people who travel in and around messy or muddy locations.

• Similar mud scraper mats with stiff coir/cocoa bristles can easily get clogged with gunk while the Waterhog Mud Scraper Mat is simple to clean: dirt & debris can easily shake out, while snow & ice melt off and water drains right through.

• Produced with 50% recycled rubber content.

• Dimensions: 15" Wide x 12.5" Deep

Item No: W.MS

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